To encourage use and growth of Circle our price structure is simple and fair

The pricing is based on turnover and starts at $300 per month. There is a base fee of $100 and then $200 per half million turnover (this reduces for turnovers over 2 million). *Prices and brackets are subject to change

Included in the  price:

  • Server hosting
  • Bandwidth
  • Backup Service
  • 24 x 7 server support
  • Business hours application support
  • System rental
  • All upgrades

There are no user or terminal limits. There is a $1500 setup fee but this includes a days support. This can be used for onsite training, website customization, data transfers etc..

Additional Services

  • On site training
  • Graphic design and website customization
  • Addition of special features
  • Data imports
  • Integrations with other services, accounting, visa, eftpos systems etc..

At first glance Circle may appear more expensive than other systems, but when everything is added up you’ll find we usually cut a lot of cost from a business. We remove data entry and with our own servers, remove hardware and support cost.