Purchase Ordering

Bulk ISBN/Barcode scan
key work search
Customer/sales order setup
Integrated supplier database
Flexible supplier set optionsCommunity default supplier
Default by publisher or manufacturer
Single item exceptions
This time only special case
Time limited supplier default
Ability to order from movers reports.
Integrated threshold system
Integrated sales history week, month, year
Email ordering and supplier EDI integration
Currently on order reports

Inwards Goods

Scan inwards goods
Auto price rounding
Auto product importing with rich information (images and descriptions)
Integrated margin and discount calculator
Automatice multi supplier search for when you order one item from many suppliers
Automatic sales order matching
Order arrived txt and email alerts to customers

Customer order management

Flagging to show which orders can be picked
pick and back order reports
Scan pick and pack
Tick and click integration to purchase ordering and accounts
delivery arrived feedback from customer


Returns list generation for all suppliers in one go
Returns process management through to cr note and accounts payable