Production update April 9, 2015

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This is a patch update, the main purpose was to push remaining fixes to production ahead of major new features we want to leave on beta for awhile so that they are well tested. Speed increases and full customer order display in the pick screen are also part of this update. Features: Improve customer order lookup speed […]

Production update Friday 13 March 2015

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The main new things in this release are; transfer EDI for group stores, sales history exports for stores that want to do their own reports and a new data migration system that enables support team rather than developers to migrate data from old systems. Feature additions Group ‘Transfer’ EDI has been added for transfers between group stores. When stock […]

Production update Oct 17 2014

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Most of the improvements are not very visible in this update, speed improvements, audit systems, background procession and bug fixes. The things you will notice are that customers no longer list by default in the customer order tab. This was done to improve speed when you click that tab and with the realisation that most […]

Production update September 2

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The main additions in this update are the addition of a Circle community data feed and additional data upload tools to make data migrations easier, faster and more reliable. Feature additions and improvements Allow full deletion of un-submitted inwards goods jobs. Expanded automatic testing Fix the stubbing for paypal and swipe Bookdata logging Optimize CartController#show_shipping_cost […]

Production update Aug 4

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Features and improvements The main things in this update were system speed improvements, additional website configuration options, improvements to the payment types interface and better integration of online payment options into the cash up. Additional website design customisation options (Setting > Templates) Keep the background out of the container on the content pages as it […]

Production update July 18

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Search system update. Put search on resque to alleviate the load issues. The main reason is to push changes to production today is to improve system performance. Last week we changed the way the search indexed. This fixed many of the updating issues we were having with the new search but had the knock on effect of […]

Production update July 8 2014

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Feature additions Add a field in the PO search interface that enables you to put a deposit on a customer order Add inwards good data migration tool Added dropbox link to POS > POS Download to make it easier to get the POS Additional site colour setting options. Settings > Templates Bug Fixes The 3/2/1 […]

Production update 16 June 2014

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New search engine Hidden items should no longer show in the website search Ability to differentiate how it operates between website and backoffice Out of print books or out of production items will not show in the website search but will show in the backoffice search. Ability to enter deposits with customer orders and print […]

Production upgrade Feb 19 2014

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New features added July 1 2013 – Feb 19 2014 This update is mainly a system upgrade from Rails 2 to Rails 3. This have been a huge job with not much to show on the surface but it means that we are on current technology which is vital for a continuing service. In addition […]

Development update – new features added 1st march to 31st June 2013

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In addition to bug fixes the following features were added. Return search now has a total a the bottom so that you know exactly how many items you are returning. It also provides a double check on what you have scanned. – Backoffice > Returns Improved shipping and billing address display on invoices. This has been tricky […]