1. Rails Web Developer

Job Description

Circle Software develops a cloud application which until now has mainly been used by bookshops and publishers. We started in New Zealand but are now rapidly expanding in Australia. We want a developer help us get through the work load and to develop and improve the code base.

As a small company we are dedicated to making a world class product but are relaxed about how and when you do it. You will get the opportunity to play a large part in the development of the product and direction it takes.

Current systems:

  • Pivotal Tracker for project management
  • NewRelic for performance analysis
  • GitHub for source control
  • Generally Mac or Linux for the desktop environment
  • Rails 3 on MySQL
  • Ubuntu web servers


  • A good command of and Solid experience with Ruby/Ruby on Rails, MYSQL, be committed to and apply programming best practice.
  • Familiarity with Linux web servers
  • Know how to build automated tests using RSPEC test framework.
  • Design and maintain SQL­Server Databases and be able to review and optimize sql queries to improve database performance.
  • Development experience with a large scale SAS application for business.
  • Be reliable and produce tidy code
  • Good communication skills in English


  • A good command of front end technologies html, css, javascript etc
  • Have experience with both rails 3 and 4
  • c++ experience
  • Have experience in and understand the Agile development process and tools.

Nice to have:

  • Linux webserver admin skills
  • An eye for design and experience with design programs
  • Skills in on page SEO
  • An understanding of the retail environment or retail systems.


  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science


  • 1 – 2 years programming experience


Send applications to warwick@circlesoft.net

  • List your experience in relation to the points above
  • Answer the following problem inline in your application. Applications that don’t have this will be ignored.

Problem 1: Write best practice code in ruby to calculate the check digit of an ISBN13 barcode

The algorithm is:

Take each digit, from left to right and multiply them alternatively by 1 and 3

Sum those numbers

Take mod 10 of the summed figure

Subtract 10 and if the end number is 10, make it 0

Example for 978014300723:

(9×1) + (7×3) + (8×1) + (0×3) + (1×1) + (4×3) + (3×1) + (0×3) + (0×1) + (7×3) + (2×1) + (3×3)


86 mod 10 = 6

10 – 6 = 4

Therefore the complete ISBN is: 9780143007234


Problem 2: Do a code review of the following code


class AddressesController < ApplicationController

 # other code was here

 def delete


   if @address.account_id!=@auth_account.id && !@auth_account.admin_at(@site) && !@auth_account.manager_at(@site) && !@auth_account.staff_at(@site)

     flash[:error]=”You dont have permission to access this page”

     redirect_to root_url



   flash[:success]=”Address deleted successfully”

   if !params[:landing].blank?

     redirect_to params[:landing]


     redirect_to index_checkout_url





2. Journalist wanted for a sales and marketing position.

Circle Software develops a web based stock management system used by bookshops in NZ and Australia. We are a team of 7 spread over 4 countries and are looking for someone to help develop the sales and marketing side of the business.

We are looking for someone that is able to help with day to day sales and lead follow up and able to produce the marketing material needed to attract and nurture prospects.

We think the idea person would have a journalism background and would like someone based in New Zealand or Australia.

You must have

  • Perfect spoken and written English
  • Understand how to use online marketing to generate leads
  • Out going and fearless attitude when it comes to talking to people you don’t know
  • Have experience with writing, show us blog articles, ebooks, white papers etc.
  • Be familiar with updating Twitter, Facebook and WordPress blogs
  • An understanding of sales theory and processes
  • Be able to work Australian business hours.
  • Have good quality phone and internet connection (if you are remote)
  • A background or training in journalism

Ideally you should have

  • Experience with google docs
  • Graphic design skills
  • Experience in the sale of IT products
  • Phone survey or sales experience
  • Experience with sales CRM and acceleration systems

To apply:

Send applications to warwick@circlesoft.net outlining your experience in relation to the points above and answering the questions below.

  1. Have you worked as a journalist can you give us some links to your work
  2. Do you know what marketing automation is – what systems have you used for this.
  3. What products or services have you been involved in selling in the past.
  4. Have you ever produced any of the following; blogs, ebooks, videos, white papers. Can you give us links to examples.
  5. Do you have experience with re-marketing and or online advertising.